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Carl Cleves, PO BOX 1492 Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

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New CD with Parissa Bouas

Halos around the moon


The follow-up CD after ‘Out of Australia’ on Stockfisch Records

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"Brillante Produktion mit wunderschönen Melodien!" ***** Matthias Pack

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Carl Cleves

Songwriter, lawyer, author, ethnomusicologist and former Brazilian pop star Carl Cleves, originally from Belgium, is a contemporary of Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, Paul Simon, John Martyn and other songwriters that emerged in the 1960s and 70s and with whom he shared the stages of the London folk clubs during the time of the folk boom.

Unlike the others who stayed in the scene, Carl’s wanderlust led him to a life of travelling, guitar in hand, to Africa, Asia, the Pacific, South America and Australia, where he has now settled. Along the way he has acquired a loyal following in Europe, Brazil and Australia while avoiding the radar of the international music industry.

Carl's nomadic past results in highly original songs which have won many awards in world & roots categories - most recently, MUSICOZ & Australian Songwriters Association - BEST FOLK SONG AWARDS.

Besides his solo work, Carl leads THE HOTTENTOTS with Australian-Greek singer-songwriter, percussionist and choir leader, Parissa Bouas. They have recorded 6 acclaimed albums together.

Carl's unmistakable guitar style was learnt from Brazilian players, bluesmen, Bert Jansch & Caetano Veloso, from the American banjo and the arabic oud. Traces of Brazil, Africa, folk and blues are the spice in the stew of Carl's songs that range from polyrhythmic exuberance to intimate subtlety, the personal to the political. Poetry and emotion

'Tarab - Travels with my guitar'

Tarab Travels with my guitar

NEW revised and expanded edition 2014

‘By any measure, Cleves deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Thesiger, Burton and Newby. He is an astute observer, a passionate participant … ’ Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

‘An extraordinary tour of wild times and wilder places. I have laughed, gasped and loved every startling page. ’ Jeni Caffin

From the Sudan to Northern New South Wales, Tarab is an epic, mesmerising tale of high adventure and the search for meaning. Carl Cleves escapes national service in Belgium to live in South Africa at the height of the apartheid era. So begin the adventures and quests, wanderings and narrow escapes, mishaps and illuminations of a guitar-toting troubadour in his roles as young beat poet, law student, single father, relief worker in India and recording star in Brazil. Cleves’s page turning memoir is no simple music biography, but rather the travel story of an artist’s quest for tarab: a place where music and poetry bestow true bliss upon the lucky one. It’s by turns philosophical, funny, adventurous and insightful.

Fully revised and expanded, this new edition of Tarab is a must read for all lovers of travel literature. The new edition features two extra chapters and the book has increased to 400 pages It includes Cleves’ time in Sydney working at the late Petersons’ Music Shop and his early years living in Northern New South Wales at the height of the back to the land movement.

Available in all good bookshops or online in print or digital format

Transit Lounge Publishing
95 Stephen St, Yarraville, Australia 3013
tel: 03 9332 7847 Fax: 03 9689 8100
email: info@transitlounge.com.au

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New Book

Book of Songs Carl Cleves

Dear Friends,

Another year crawls to its conclusion and it offers the opportunity to wish you all a time of togetherness with loved ones over the ‘festive season’ and especially for a kinder year ahead with an increased push towards harmony, environmental repair and justice for all beings - humans and animals – in our dysfunctional world. It is a moment to recharge batteries and boost our hopes and efforts towards a happier planet. And may music help to bring joy, inspiration and comfort to us all.

2017 was a reflective year for me. I hibernated in my home, writing, drawing and singing, enjoying my friends, growing spinach and snowpeas while Parissa’s star shone on the stage with the fabulous Bella Fontes, the Meninas da Lua and with her own band. The Hottentots have been on hold after years of touring and six CDs to allow us to branch out, explore new avenues and look through windows we didn’t even know were there. It is so easy to repeat oneself.

It has given me the chance to write a bunch of songs and the coming year will see the release of a new album. Of course I am very excited about it. It will also push me back out into the world to travel and perform and I hope to see as many of you as possible in 2018. Thank you all for your support, for buying independent albums, for your feedback on social media about my ‘Book of Songs’, the addendum and musical footnotes, poems, travel stories, photographs etc to ‘Tarab, Travels with my guitar’ which is now in its second print. A warm hug to you all wherever you may be.

Happy Christmas, Solstice and New Year.

Peace and Joy




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