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    Carl Cleves  

Carl’s nomadic past results in highly original songs which have won numerous awards in the categories of folk, world and roots.

Ranging from polyrhythmic exuberance to intimate subtlety, the personal to the political, styles are interchanged and blended with great ease. Traces of Brazil, Africa, folk and blues are the spice in the stew of Carl’s songs.

Approach and sound vary widely with each release but always ‘with a complete lack of pretence and trendiness’
(R. Jasituowicz – Diaspora World Beat)

His pallet is as broad as life itself.

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    Before twilight turns to night


before twilight turns to night

01 Before twilight turns to night
02 Something
03 Need a holiday
04 Good loving
05 Golden cage
06 All the tired men
07 When we were in love - trilogy
08 Spanish is a loving tongue
09 My heart lied
10 Suzanne
11 Am i the man
12 Why must one always leave

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    Halos round the moon



halos round the moon
with Parissa Bouas

01 aheyla
02 sad eyes
03 4 extraordinary days
04 lesson to me
05 dear Melanie
06 you inspire love
07 halos round the moon
08 leaving Byron Bay
09 nothing’s gonna last
10 all alone
11 the full force of the wind

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    The house is empty


the house is empty

01 The house is empty
02 Gone are the days
03 Leaving Byron Bay
04 Lost in Leipzig
05 Way down in the mines
06 Dear Melanie
07 When the going gets tough
08 House of sorrow
09 Martha please
10 Prince of darkness
11 Lesson to me
12 La chanson des vieux amants





    Out of Australia

out of australia
with Parissa Bouas

01 Into the Light
02 Eclipse of the Sun
03 Don’t Flowers Grow
04 The Bethlehem Bell Ringer
05 Way Down in the mines
06 House of Sorrow
07 Mother’s Song
08 The Coniston Massacre
09 Graceful
10 Zeco
11 Sharpening a Knife
12 Carmen


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all alone

01 All alone
02 You and I
03 The rose of Kordofan
04 Eclipse of the sun
05 Fallen angels
06 Sailing on perfect time
07 The money-go-round
08 Dive into the night
09 Poison love
10 The bonnet of the car
11 I can't go on like this

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'All alone' live at the National Folk Festival, Canberra, Australia










Travels with my guitar

01 Texan lion
02 To Coroico
03 Mustapha
04 Trem Mineiro
05 Party at my house
06 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
07 Penkele
08 A long way
09 Welcome home
10 Tashi's song




  Other recordings by Carl Cleves          

Turn Back The Tide
2004 (Aus) (The Hottentots)

2001 (Aus) (The Hottentots)

The Voice of Your Heart
1998 ( Aus) (Hottentot Party)

A Small World
1994 (Aus) (Hottentot Party)

Love is a Phantom
1987 (Brazil)

African Lion
1984 (Brazil)
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