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Before twilight turns to night


Carl Cleves

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Carl Cleves

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Carl Cleves Before twilight turns to night

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New CD: Carl Cleves ‘Before Twilight Turns to Night’ (Independent)

Singer-songwriter/ contemporary folk

Carl Cleves, singer-songwriter, author, traveller and ethnomusicologist takes a different turn with his first solo album in 5 years: ‘Before Twilight turns to Night’.

While past albums have ventured into African, Latin, folk and jazz styles this time around the songs shimmer in the zing of strings, adding a distinct flavour of country and alternative folk: acoustic guitars, violin, cello, mandolin, banjo, double bass, drums, and Carl’s new love for the mouthorgan. As with much of Carl’s work there are moving melodies, thrilling musicianship, plenty of passion and poetry, and constant surprise. Almost one hour long the album features nine brand new originals, two by contemporary songwriters, Julien Baker and Laura Marling, and a century-old cowboy song.

‘Before Twilight turns to Night’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kamal Engels in the Art of Audio studio, Mullumbimby, Australia with a stellar cast: Thierry Fossemalle, double bass; Dave Sanders, drums; Tunji Beier, drums & tavil; Rick Fenn, guitar and vocals; Thomas Veitch, cello; Andrew Clermont, violin, mandolin and banjo; Kamal Engels, fretless bass; Leigh Carriage and Parissa Bouas, vocals.

Carl was born in Mechelen, Belgium, but settled in Byron Bay, Australia, a hotbed of many inspiring artists, after a lifetime of travel as told in his page-turning memoir, ‘Tarab: Travels with My Guitar’ (2014 Transit Lounge) and its digital addendum ‘Book of Songs’ (2016 iBooks) an epic, mesmerizing tale of high adventure and the search for meaning of this guitar-toting troubadour in his roles as young beat poet, law student, single father, ethnomusicologist, relief worker in India and recording star in Brazil.

Carl has recorded 5 previous solo albums in Brazil and Australia. His songs and thrilling storytelling have won countless awards, including Music OZ, NCEIA and ASA, covering a broad range of styles reflecting years of treading the boards on stages around the world. He also co-founded the much-loved HOTTENTOTS with singer-songwriter Parissa Bouas, recording 6 albums together, the most recent ones produced by famous tone wizard Gunter Pauler and released on the German audiophile label, Stockfisch Records: ‘Halos round the Moon’ (2014) and ‘Out of Australia’ (2010).

‘Before Twilight turns to Night’ is an independent production, largely financed through crowd funding from fans and friends. It will be available through CD Baby and the website www.carlcleves.com as well on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon and all digital media channels.

The album will be launched at the Byron Bay Theatre on Sat 11 August 2018.

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To check out Carl’s MP3s, reviews, videos and further details, visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarlCleves

NOTES on some of the SONGS

The album is a mixed bag of tears and laughter. WHEN WE WERE IN LOVE and SOMETHING are re-workings of songs by Laura Marling and Julien Baker, two contemporary songwriters I have taken a shine to; GOOD LOVING is a country and western spoof that I wrote for my wife as a Valentine’s gift; ALL THE TIRED MEN resulted from joining the discussions on social media amongst Vietnam veterans about their lack of support, mental issues and sense of abandonment; GOLDEN CAGE stars a famous actress; SPANISH IS A LOVING TONGUE is a century old cowboy song; and then there are songs about intimate relationships, always a major preoccupation. It is a rather long album –too long to consider a vinyl pressing and I did not want to cut songs, separating what belongs together.