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All the tired men

Carl Cleves

All the tired men
sitting in the park
in the morning sun
linger by the river
loiter in the mall
another day’s begun
Living in a motel
A toilet down the hall
A single bed and 4 bare walls
The kids have long left home
But no one ever calls

All the tired men
 sitting at the bar of
 the Maryland hotel
The barmaid moves away
no one wants to hear  
the sorry tales they tell
of dreams they can’t remember
scars they can’t forget
Battles almost won  
Of damage they have suffered
The damage they have done

(These) crutches from the war
What were we fighting for
Does anyone recall?
(These) medals on my chest
Do they really mean
Anything at all?
Some of them die early
Others die too late
Most of us were left behind
I know Jesus loves me
Bur Lady Fate is blind

All the tired men
Smoking in the park

In the morning sun